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Take Hard Decisions & Build Your Own Life | Sheena Uppal | Voices In My Head | Podcast Episode 5

Yameer Adhar, host of Voices In My Head gets inside the head of fitness freak and "Woodstocker" Sheena Uppal. Sheena studiedy Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion and is the founder of Rengé - a leading womenswear brand. Her true calling is working for the welfare of street animals.

The discussion on this episode of the podcast ranges from Self-destructive Behaviour, Relationships, Addictions, Marriage/Divorce, Fitness, THERAPY and a whole lot more . Sheena's ability to look at life with "super" positivity is enviable and I can empathise with the mental health struggles she has faced over the years. Speaking to her has helped me to take hard decisions and find the courage to continue to fight my own demons.

Sheena spent most of her adolescent years attending a boarding school in the Himalayas. Those years she spent at Woodstock School in Mussoorie were some of the most impactful and formative years of her life.

She moved to Mumbai in 2013 and spent three years there. It was during the end of her time in Mumbai and in the midst of a personal storm that Sheena started Rengé. Rengé means lotus flower. A lotus flower is beautiful, yet it grows through muddy waters. Rengé brought her back to life, and gave her the first glimpse of confidence and hope that she lacked yet needed.

Today Sheena lives a balanced, disciplined and wholesome life which she is proud of and has worked very hard to achieve.

Voices In My Head is a podcast dedicated to mental and physical health that will teach anyone aspiring to improve themselves and learn the secrets to become happy and healthy!

Find your ultimate state of wellbeing and become the BEST version of YOU!

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SHOW NOTES: Boarding School [4:20] Self-destructive Behaviour [12:34] Therapy really helps [22:58] Marriage is not the answer [31:05] Build your own life [43:18] Recognise your addictions - Lifestyle choices matter [46:42] Health & Fitness [56:10] Get an annual executive checkup + THERAPY [1:01:54] Recommendations [1:06:48]

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