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Being Queer in a LGBTQ World | Keshav Suri | Voices In My Head | Podcast Episode 2

Keshav was a batch senior to me in school. He was part of every "cool" thing from the debating society, to theater and the editorial board for our school magazine. I looked up to him and always thought he has the perfect life... but the reality is that NO ONE has the perfect life.

An outspoken gay man, entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist - he is one of the key figures behind the movement that allowed a homophobic law (in India) like Section 377 to be scrapped.

Keshav Suri (@suri_keshav)

"complaining is easy but how many of us get down to doing something that would help change what we are complaining about?"

"i had the resources to do something good so i did"

The discussion range from what it means to be Queer, Social Media, Mental Health, Bullying in School, Homophobia and a whole lot more. Keshav's intelligence, candor and humour are par excellence. I respect him tremendously for what he has achieved but more so for the impact he is making through his foundation. As always I have become smarter after my interaction with him and a step closer to finding the courage to fight my own demons.

I am proud to be able to call Keshav my friend and grateful to him for allowing me to get into his head and encourage everyone to hear and learn from him. I promise it will be worth your time. You can listen to the episode now on my website by clicking here or choose to hear it on any of the other platforms mentioned.

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Podcast Show Notes: Queer [2:45] Surviving School [18:00] Dealing with Negativity [22:05] Breaking Barriers [25:20] Find Your Tribe [30:40] It Gets Better [33:56] Homophobia in India [39:42] Mental Health of LGBTQ+ [1:00:13] Helping Others Helps You [1:09:23]

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