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Becoming Self-aware with Zina & Zoya Singh | Voices In My Head with Yameer Adhar | Episode 1

I have known Zina and Zoya for years socially. But knowing someone socially, especially in Delhi means that you don't know anything about them and obviously they don't know anything about you. All this changed when the three of us decided to meet one-on-one (voice in my head says "one-on-one" isn't correct English in this context. Shush voice) to discuss if they would be a good fit for this podcast. The 30 minute meeting become more like a 3 hour meeting. The three of us hit it off and we realised that there is so much that we have in common. The meeting ended with a date and time fixed for us to record the podcast and a WhatsApp group that we christened Triplets.

We had a lot of fun recording the episode and had a serious discussion ranging from Social Media, Mental Health, Eating Disorders to Panic Attacks and "Art Therapy". I can empathise with their struggle with mental health and appreciate their candid style but most importantly learn about and get a step closer to self-awareness and finding the courage to fight my own demons.

I am so grateful that Zi and Zo allowed me to get into their heads and encourage everyone to hear and learn from their story. I promise it will be worth your time. You can listen to the episode now on the website by clicking here or choose to hear it on any of the other platforms mentioned.

Zoya Singh (@zoyka5)

 "After suffering through episodes of eating disorders I set on the path to heal and free the mind, sharing my journey and the tools I applied to get better. I am and will continue to learn and grow in the field of psychology to help the ones in need. Art and music are the tools I use to release emotions, trauma, fear and thus be free."

Zoya Singh is a Fashion curator and stylist for fashion and lifestyle portal Touch and Be (@touchandbe). She is a health enthusiast, mental health advocate and art therapist. Creator of programs/ workshops for addictive personalities, children with learning differences has worked with psychotherapists in relation with body image and eating disorders. 

Zina Singh (@zinochka05)

"The transition from terrible two's to touch and be was a big step as we wanted to be fully immersed and real. Interviewing people and capturing their stories for a collaboration from across the globe. A mental health advocate and believe in spreading the same message across channels."

Zina Singh is the Co-founder of Touch and Be. She has worked on creating sets, styling innumerable shoots and turning a blog into a lifestyle magazine covering health, fashion and people. Website:


Podcast Show Notes:

Social Media Illusion [6:14]

Mental Health [17:00]

Doctors ≠ God [23:55]

Find Courage [26:10]

Physical condition = Mental condition [28:40]

Counseling Helps [30:07]

Practice Mindfulness [30:35]

Empathy not Judgement [32:00]

Panic Attacks & Anxiety [37:00]

Art Therapy [41:50]

Educate Yourself & Others [47:10]

Recommendations [54:48]

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